Island Life

Welcome to the first official post on this blog! I’ll got started with how you get set up.

You start in an airport, and Timmy & Tommy are waiting for you. They ask you what your name and birthday are, and then you get to choose your appearance! This is a total lifesaver, as the previous games made you answer Rover’s questions in a very specific way to get the face that you wanted… Now there’s a proper character creator!

After all that, I arrived on the island along with Buck and Deirdre. T&T asked us to go over to their “grand leader” (Tom Nook) since he’d be tasking us with some things. I believe my first task was to get some Oranges, since that’s what the island has. 6 of them to be exact. Next, he asked me to get some tree branches for a campfire. Then, we sat around the fire and had some orange juice together.

I went back to my tent, and went to bed. K.K. Slider was there sitting on a log with a spotlight over him just like the first game. Once I woke up, the game was in-sync with real time. I help everyone else find a nice place to live, and then gathered some more stuff for Nook. He also asked me about my moving fees and told me about the new Nook Miles system!

All of that was yesterday. Now, let’s see what happened today:

I woke up and got a letter from my mom containing 3 pears! Yay! I named the island Goiky which is a reference to a YouTube web show called BFDI. I did some more creature-hunting and found a snail. Then, Tom Nook got a call from Blathers about building a museum on the island. I decided on a spot close to the beach, and then I checked out the airport/post office. The post office is part of the airport, and you can mail 1 letter for 300 bells each. That might sound a little weird, but you write the letter in the post office instead of from your pockets.

That’s all I’ve done so far. If you have any questions, please let me know!


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